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Laminated log – is the high-tech building material. The company «Houses of Wood» in the process of building laminated log uses softwood of conifers (pine, fir tree). In our building, the process of production of laminated log begins from sawing of logs into boards, and then occurs sorting of quality which allows avoiding the use of the board with the blue color and rot. After that, the board is loaded into drying machine. As soon as board reaches the certain level of moisture 10-12% it is again sorted and defects are eliminated (cracks, knots). Dry board (lamella) is laminated and placed under the hydraulic press. For external lamellas is used unbroken board, for internal spliced. Lamellas are laminated together so that the wood fibers are directed in opposite directions. It allows avoiding the insignificant deformation which may occur, increases its durability and moisture resistance. After laminating log is profiled squared, and then is sliced by high-tech equipment directly under the project. The number of lamellas depends on the thickness of the walls of the house. We produce log of various sections. In the company «Houses of Wood» height of ordinary wall log can be 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, and thickness from 100 mm up to 230mm. Length can be 3m, 4.5m and 6meters.

With laminated log you can build various constructions, of pavilions and three-storey cottages, restaurants, entertainment complexes. Value of laminated log is the fact that it almost needs no additional finishing, does not shrink, speed and accuracy of assembly (cups are with accuracy 1mm).

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