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"Houses of Wood" offers a new technology for the European market of building of wooden house - dome home. Mastered by us this technology of production of bent-laminated structures can realiSe such projects. Dome houses are considered the architects of the world's most promising and enduring kind of a modern house.
Dome house has many advantages:
• dome shape structure keeps perfect energy balance, which has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of such building;
• simple and natural ventilation;
• reduction to 50% of the costs for heating and cooling;
• decrease of expensive part on materials, since the surface of the sphere is less than the surface area of a cube;
• in a wooden house the most expensive item is - wooden beam, and on the average house area from150-180 m2 to 70-80 m3 of log, in dome house of the same area is used 10-14 m3 bent-laminated structures;
• dome houses are light weight and high strength, enabling lighter pier foundation, in addition, they are able to withstand the snow load on the roof about 650 kg. per 1 square meters;
• dome houses blend into any landscape and due to its shape everywhere will look organically;
• in dome house there are no restrictions of planning, as supporting structures - is the dome itself, and the interior space you can organize, in accordance with your wishes;
• dome house may be in two levels, our structural beams allow approaching of height at the top of the dome to 7.5 meters.

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