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Houses of logs - became more and more popular form of building for the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Germany and Europe in general. In Eastern Europe, the basic building material in building of the logs is fir tree (Carpathian ale) or pine. These homes have low thermal conductivity, and they are very warm, and in the hot summer, they remain cool.

During the building we use beams of diameter 220mm, 240mm. Cups (angular connections) are kickoff in the place of assembly, because beams have natural moisture and the time of delivery to the object of assembly may have insignificant deformation, which will affect the quality assembly of the house. Beams are fastened together with oak pegs, and on angle connections they are fastened to foundation by anchor spokes. Among logs is laid between crown heating material natural linen.

Using of modern technologies, and the experience of our employees allow to move in the house immediately after the assembly and not wait for it to shrink. Houses of Wood company carries out complete range of services, from design, planning of plot, ending by capital building of house and landscape design

Round Logs Houses

Recently, rounded logs appeared in the market of wooden construction. Rounded log is product made from conventional log, but subjected to a special treatment by the milling machine. As a result we get a log that throughout the length has the same diameter. From a set of such logs one can build a house. This building material has some special features, which will be discussed in this article. We hope that this very article will be useful for all those who think about the construction of a wooden house.

Production technology of rounded logs was mastered several years ago. This was facilitated by an open for innovative solutions market and increased demand for cheap but quality accommodation. Now, houses made from logs and profiled timber are in the lead among many other offerings. These buildings are environmentally friendly, visually appealing and, what is the most important, affordable.

All ingenious is simple. The Finns have long thought how to accelerate and simplify the process of building of wooden houses from logs. As a result, they came to an idea that logs should have the same diameter throughout all length; it will avoid the emergence of cold, fasten the assembling of the house, as well as remove a number of other problems.

The technology is relatively simple, if you have the right equipment, which, incidentally, is also produced in Finland and has a high accuracy. You can also purchase machinery in Sweden and Germany.

So, first-class wood is used for the production of round logs. We get a blank for regularised round timber from it – a log with removed bark from four sides. Then this log with removed bark goes to log rounding machine, where it is put into shape of a cylinder with the same diameter along its length.

After this, logs are being dried in specialised cameras, where they are adjusted to humidity of 12-18 percent. These logs then are further processed by - applied antiseptic. This material protects the wood against weather influence, will extend the life of the building material.

Advantages of houses from rounded logs:
Despite the fact that there is a lot of new types of building materials, round logs remains at the forefront of the demand. Moreover, the number of sales of houses from logs is growing every year, and this is not accidental. The fact is that wooden logs have many advantages.

Wood has excellent qualities. It has excellent thermal conductivity; insulates sounds absorbing them almost 80-90 percent.

The technology of construction is relatively simple, what makes it the most popular. It is worth noting that the lead time of house made from logs is 3-5 times faster than that from bricks, blocks. We should also note the fact that the prices on such houses are relatively low, which makes this type of housing pretty affordable for all people.

The whole wooden construction is highly reliable, it is steady against various types of disasters.

We have an excellent raw material base in the north of the country, and all necessary infrastructure - mills, woodworking plants etc. Thus, it is easier and cheaper to order a "turnkey project" of a house.

The cost of round logs depends on several factors:
- Type of wood (the most affordable are pine and spruce);
- Wood moisture;
- Way of drying the wood (natural drying is cheaper);
- The length of logs;
- The type of groove;
- The diameter of the logs (the bigger is the diameter, the more expensive are logs).

Which one to choose: round logs or timber (profiled or glulam)?

When planning the construction of a house, one simple question arises in your mind: what should you choose – rounded logs or glulam? Or maybe profiled timber?

Running beforehand we must say that both materials have equal number of advantages and disadvantages.

If a person likes Russian national culture and traditional architecture, then it is better to choose round logs, and if he wants to see his wooden house in a European style, glued laminated timber will be the best variant.

And now let’s look at some comparative characteristics, starting with the "pros" of houses made from rounded logs:

- Pleasant appearance;
- Log houses are environmentally friendly;
- Do not require expenses for outer decoration;
- House from logs will serve many decades;
- The most affordable price.

"Pros" of houses made from glulam:
- European appearance of the house;
- Ecological housing;
- Do not require expenses for outer decoration;
- The cost varies considerably, depending on the thickness of the selected timber.

The house from rounded logs is handsome, reliable, and will serve you for many years and decades. Construction of such a house is a complicated process. So if you’ve decided to build one for yourself, you should go to professionals in this sphere of construction.

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