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Our company offers a bent-glued wooden beams and constructions of length to 24 meters with maximum cross-section of 220mm x 2500mm. Bent-glued constructions and beams is - high-tech and easy-to-use material. It can be successfully used in the building of residential houses, offices, sports facilities, exhibition arenas, etc.

Bent-glued beams are used everywhere where you need to block the large spans, they simplify the design of large buildings and add individuality of building. Ease, reliability and durability, as well as high supporting capacity are basic characteristics of laminated wooden constructions - that are used in modern building. Bent-glued constructions are resistant to the external environment, are not subject bio-influence, are easily handled. They can be used for building of bridges, arched coverings for swimming pools, ice stadiums, and store-houses.

The use of bent-glued beams allows creating of constructions of different sizes and shapes, which allows covering large spans with low load to the foundation.

Quality of lamellas assembly and their laminating together in wooden structures, especially for supporting elements, depends on safety and durability of the building. Therefore, our company performs quality control on all stages - quality of raw materials, the precision of parameters, splicing, laminating, and appearance.

Adhering of woodworking technology, technological equipment, high-quality wood of glue, we achieve high quality of our products.

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