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Houses which we build under the technology HUF HAUS it is - combination of laminated log and glass - the new level of aesthetics and quality of life. Our company uses for building environmentally "clean" materials (pine, fir tree in laminated log), as well as the unique opportunity to use in the decoration of the visible logs and structured valuable wood that will give your home a uniqueness and style.

We offer building of HUF HAUS «turn-key", including custom design, foundation, layout and finish of interior rooms and exterior walls, roof, wiring and other utilities.

The house, built under technology HUF HAUS consumes few energy, and due to the use of energy - efficient technologies. These houses are referred to VIP class, due to its uniqueness while also affordable. Houses are spacious, bright, opened to the surrounding space; they should be fine for the style of young, ambitious and energetic people. The lack of support walls allows you to organise the internal space with rather large areas.

The unusual architectural solution and design with using of large glazed areas doesn’t limit interior space, thus we approach complete "confluence" with nature.

The company "Houses of Wood" by using new technologies, will help realising the dream of bright, spacious, modern home!

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