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One of the oldest methods of timber construction is closely wild, hand-hewn with an ax. Wild frame (wild closely, hand-mec) - is peeled tree trunks. Ax and a plane is obstrugivanie logs. Each trunk has been cut down to be careful manual handling and grinding without additional mechanical interventions: vyrubyvayutsya slots elements interlocks with the other design elements of the structure. Wooden wall mounted on a prepared foundation which provides sufficient load-bearing capacity. The walls of the building poventsovo mounted horizontally stacked logs, each new series is called the crown. In the span between the logs stacked mezhventsovogo insulation (we use only natural materials - linen, jute, etc.)..

Generally log diameter range used in the manual cutting, to the walls is from 24 to 50 cm between adjacent crowns compounds timber carried in the groove shape is semicircle groove width crescent 12 cm to 25 cm, depending on the diameter of the logs.

Home of the wild-log built using green wood forest conifers, it is desirable to cut the winter (logging). Drying timber is directly in the wooden house. To ensure that the logs do not occur surface cracks (or have been significantly less) in the process of reducing the internal moisture of logs, our experts recommend to do along the entire length of the compensatory cuts (which have a depth of a few centimeters). Fabrication and installation of log house construction is carried out on the production site or carpentry teams, depending on the conditions at the facility

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