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Many people, who were interested in building of wooden house, heard of fachwerkhaus. This technology started to develop in the XV century in Germany and is very popular now in many countries. If we talk about benefits, there are no supporting walls, only structure that is made of the horizontal and vertical elements produced of beams. The space between the beams is filled with adobe, stone, brick, wood or other materials. The walls do not bear the load, so they can be put away and always in a new way to organize the interior of the house. Fachwerkhaus buildings are strong and durable service life of more than 500 years.

Ancient traditions of houses building and modern technologies we use in the building of the fachwerkhaus, allow building perfectly durable house, where the walls are filled with materials with modern heat insulation material and finishing materials. For the construction of supporting structures (structure) is used wooden laminated log, which is due to the special impregnation is practically fire-rated, and use of well drained glued of some lamellas of wood provides longevity and durability. Wooden structure is – visible, usually contrast colored with a facade that gives a special character and style of the whole building. Fachwerkhaus is light, minimal load on the ground, respectively, does not require reinforced foundation. "Turn-key" building lasts no more than six month; it can be occupied immediately, because it provides no shrinkage.

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