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Frame or framed wooden technology in building is widespread in the world. Houses of Wood Co. offers frame wooden houses using mainly wooden siding (imitation of log - by flat straight profile with chamfered, or block-house - board with a semi-circular crescent-squared profile) as the main external and internal decoration. Often using herewith the combined lining. For example, the stone - wood (decorative stone, fiber-cement slabs under brick - stone or brick), which provides wide opportunities during finishing of facades and interiors.

The main advantages of using of frame technology:
• Economy of support frame of the building;
• High speed of building;
• Low operating costs;
• Comparative ease of building, low weight for the foundation;
• Redevelopment opportunity (for chase frame houses);
• High seismic resistance (with the correct technology);
• Wide range of architectural solutions during the building and decoration.


The absence of many years of experience in building companies (many companies neglect the basic postulates of the building of these houses, trying to reduce the cost.)

Comparatively high soundproof in impact noise (problem is solved by additional acoustic, which affects the cost on the whole).
When using in the building low-cost building materials, there is a question of non-ecological material which is used! That is pursuit of cheaper product can lead to serious health problems.

In the process of building of a good quality frame house it is extremely important to select the professional company, and use the "correct" ecologically clean materials!

Because difference between a well-built frame house and "not well" can lead to the leveling of the main advantages of the frame house, and can result significant discomfort and problems for future owners of such houses. Thus, the cost of finishing or re-building of the house is the same like to start building of the beginning.

In recent times, especially in the "crisis period", when customer expects from the markets the low price offers (sometimes extremely dangerous "table" offers from columns, for example: 300 US dollars/m2 “tun-key”) spread cases and victim’s request for assistance in correcting of critical situations. Dishonest companies (teams) with no license, no experience, no qualifications, no responsibility for the provision of such services, use gullibility of the customer (having heard ear-pleasing price per m2). Thereby, discredit the enormous potential of frame houses and significant advantages with wet types of building.

However, comparative cost of quality log frame house, built "turn-key" is much lower in quality then built brick or concrete premise being ready to "turn-key"!

However, operating costs (heating, cooling) of frame wooden houses is much lower (sometimes several times!), comparing with brick or concrete premises!

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